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Jacket Number Rev. Office Name Quote Due Date (ET) Date Posted Product Type Title Total Quantity Ship Delivery Date Enter Quote
408093 Agency Publishing Services12/14/2018 10:00 AM12/13/2018PlasticsWOXZP9998 ED 000; Chart Correction Template (Plastic) 3,00001/03/2019Enter Quote
408143 Agency Publishing Services12/14/2018 10:00 AM12/13/2018SignsUDK - K9 Parking Placards 35012/28/2018Enter Quote
646486 R-1Dallas Regional Office12/14/2018 10:00 AM12/13/2018BooksSHARP FOUNDATION COURSE, 80-HR MTT (2ST QTR FY2019) - 2 MODULES PER SET 76801/14/2019Enter Quote
408290 Agency Publishing Services12/14/2018 11:00 AM12/13/2018PamphletsACSS Securing Development Books 14612/21/2018Enter Quote
618335 R-1Virginia Beach Regional Office12/14/2018 11:00 AM12/13/2018BooksTM 9-6115-639-13-&P R001 3,32701/07/2019Enter Quote
618338 Virginia Beach Regional Office12/14/2018 11:00 AM12/13/2018PamphletsNESC 2018 ANNUAL REPORT 1,10001/17/2019Enter Quote
623768 Atlanta Regional Office12/14/2018 11:00 AM12/12/2018SnapoutsSSC-38 Hand Receipt 1,00001/07/2019Enter Quote
623778 Atlanta Regional Office12/14/2018 11:00 AM12/13/2018Labels/StickersVA PARKING DECALS 2,00001/14/2019Enter Quote
634758 Chicago Regional Office12/14/2018 11:00 AM12/12/2018OtherMISSION MALL ITEM MULTI TOOL 5,00201/30/2019Enter Quote
634760 Chicago Regional Office12/14/2018 11:00 AM12/12/2018OtherMISSION MALL ITEM BLACK CARIBENER 10,00201/30/2019Enter Quote
634762 Chicago Regional Office12/14/2018 11:00 AM12/12/2018OtherMISSION MALL ITEM HYDRATION PACKS 80102/28/2019Enter Quote
634773 Chicago Regional Office12/14/2018 11:00 AM12/12/2018OtherMISSION MALL - GREEN PARACORD BRACELET 10,00201/10/2019Enter Quote
640185 R-1Columbus Regional Office12/14/2018 11:00 AM12/13/2018Binders, LooseleafRING BINDERS (LARGE AND SMALL) GREY 7000-10 1,50002/15/2019Enter Quote
640209 Columbus Regional Office12/14/2018 11:00 AM12/13/2018BooksFHAAST 2018-09 CATOLOG OF SPECIES INTRODUCED INTO CANADA,MEXICO,THE USA, OR.....26601/15/2019Enter Quote
640216 Columbus Regional Office12/14/2018 11:00 AM12/13/2018PamphletsLRL 126692 LOUISVILLE COE CALENDAR, 2019, DSO 610895 1,45012/27/2018Enter Quote
646512 Dallas Regional Office12/14/2018 11:00 AM12/13/2018TagsFIRE EXTINGUISHER MAINTENANCE RECORD 3,75001/08/2019Enter Quote
646517 Dallas Regional Office12/14/2018 11:00 AM12/12/2018BooksSIMULATION OF GROUNDWATER FLOW AND ANALYSIS OF PROJECTED WATER USE....... 20001/23/2019Enter Quote
660761 Denver Regional Office12/14/2018 12:00 PM12/13/2018PamphletsGILA NATIONAL FOREST: 2019 FIREWOOD GUIDE (MR-R3-06-03) - REVISED FOR 2019 2,95201/03/2019Enter Quote
670682 San Francisco Regional Office12/14/2018 12:00 PM12/12/2018Labels/StickersCONTINUOUS FEED NSWC MAILING LABELS 3,00012/27/2018Enter Quote
670689 San Francisco Regional Office12/14/2018 12:00 PM12/12/2018EnvelopesJUDGE TROTT #10 BUSINESS ENVELOPES 25012/31/2018Enter Quote
670697 San Francisco Regional Office12/14/2018 12:00 PM12/13/2018EnvelopesLEFT WINDOW MANILA ENVELOPES 3,00001/09/2019Enter Quote
670698 San Francisco Regional Office12/14/2018 12:00 PM12/13/2018EnvelopesLEFT WINDOW ENVELOPES 15,00001/08/2019Enter Quote
670699 San Francisco Regional Office12/14/2018 12:00 PM12/13/2018EnvelopesLEFT WINDOW MANILA ENVELOPES 10,00001/09/2019Enter Quote
677281 R-2Seattle Regional Office12/14/2018 2:00 PM12/13/2018MapsMULTIPLE MOTOR VEHICLE USE MAPS (MVUM) FOR THE TONGASS NATIONAL FOREST 4,36201/14/2019Enter Quote
677283 Seattle Regional Office12/14/2018 2:00 PM12/13/2018FormsAPPOINTMENT CARDS 50001/02/2019Enter Quote
677285 Seattle Regional Office12/14/2018 2:00 PM12/13/2018FormsCareer Postcards 30012/27/2018Enter Quote
677287 Seattle Regional Office12/14/2018 2:00 PM12/13/2018BooksPTSD SYMPTOM MANAGEMENT HANDBOOK 30001/07/2019Enter Quote
677289 Seattle Regional Office12/14/2018 2:00 PM12/13/2018TagsInformation Only Tags, (TP0704_06) 2,00012/17/2018Enter Quote
677290 Seattle Regional Office12/14/2018 2:00 PM12/13/2018TagsPSNS&IMF 11300/165 (10-2018) TEMP SERVICE TAG 76,00001/11/2019Enter Quote
548395 Dallas Regional Office12/17/2018 11:00 AM12/12/2018OtherASP S & W 9MM RED RUBBER TRAINING GUN/PISTOL 10001/31/2019Enter Quote
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