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The following list contains abstracts of the quotations submitted and copies of the specifications on small purchases that have been awarded. This list contains only jobs that have been awarded in the past 3 months that were advertised through Quick Quote. For older jobs, click on Awarded Jobs History.

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Jacket Number Rev. Office Name Bid Close Date Product Type Title Total Ship Delivery Date Date Awarded Spec Abstract
027539 Agency Publishing Services02/22/2018Duplicating MastersCD-ROM and Jewel Boxes for House Journal 52003/16/201802/22/2018ViewView
027951 Agency Publishing Services12/28/2017Labels/StickersBook Plate Stickers - Senate Library 5,00001/10/201812/28/2017ViewView
400881 Agency Publishing Services12/22/2017FormsEducation Resources Brochure: 2 Versions - Spanish & English 2,03001/10/201812/26/2017ViewView
400892 Agency Publishing Services03/23/2018PamphletsExit Counseling Guide for Bor. of Direct Loans and Fed. Fam. Ed. Pro. Loans(rev)400,03104/23/201803/23/2018ViewView
400945 R-1Agency Publishing Services12/04/2017OtherDistrict of Columbia Seal 112/15/201701/24/2018ViewView
400948 R-1Agency Publishing Services01/04/2018BooksPreparing for the Unimaginable - COPS-P347 2,00002/15/201801/04/2018ViewView
402087 R-1Agency Publishing Services02/01/2018BooksPublication 1132 Catalog # 15999O (2017 rev) 7,76002/20/201802/01/2018ViewView
404290 Agency Publishing Services12/21/2017BooksIntroduction to U.S. Export Controls for the Commercial Space Industry 49102/20/201801/24/2018ViewView
404292 R-2Agency Publishing Services02/20/2018FormsParking Placards 2,02503/20/201802/21/2018ViewView
404305 Agency Publishing Services12/27/2017Labels/StickersNAL Bookplate crack & peel label 15,00601/22/201801/03/2018ViewView
404315 Agency Publishing Services12/22/2017BooksFederal Alternative to Incarceration Court Programs 2,41201/15/201812/26/2017ViewView
404324 Agency Publishing Services12/29/2017Labels/StickersItem 1 - PPQ Form 351 - INSECT TRAP Label - Non-Toxic (Spanish) 5,00001/23/201801/08/2018ViewView
404329 R-1Agency Publishing Services12/27/2017File Folders JacketsRecord of Proceeding File Folder: EOIR - 18 - Blue, Tab Positions 1 & 3 90,00002/01/201801/03/2018ViewView
404333 Agency Publishing Services01/10/2018Labels/StickersVisitor Badge, Two-Part, Time Dependent 1-Day Expire 50,00001/26/201801/10/2018ViewView
404335 Agency Publishing Services01/03/2018FormsGOES-S Launch Badges 6,20002/02/201801/03/2018ViewView
404336 R-1Agency Publishing Services01/03/2018BooksFisheries of the United States 2016 1,93101/12/201801/03/2018ViewView
404338 R-5Agency Publishing Services03/13/2018FormsLetterhead 16,00004/04/201803/13/2018ViewView
404339 Agency Publishing Services12/22/2017Envelopes#10 RFE Red Text Envelopes (Secured Tint w/Full Gum Flap) commercial style 200,00001/16/201801/03/2018ViewView
404340 Agency Publishing Services12/29/2017FormsEnglish Door Hangers 632,00001/31/201812/29/2017ViewView
404344 R-1Agency Publishing Services01/22/2018Other2018 TAD - Recruitment Packet 13,55002/16/201801/23/2018ViewView
404347 Agency Publishing Services12/27/2017FormsTAD - 2018 USSS Calendar 10,00001/23/201801/04/2018ViewView
404348 Agency Publishing Services12/26/2017PamphletsNFIP Flood Insurance Manual/Spanish 15,01601/18/201812/26/2017ViewView
404349 Agency Publishing Services12/29/2017EnvelopesWhite window envelopes CON158-11-9A 75,00001/12/201812/29/2017ViewView
404350 Agency Publishing Services03/12/2018FormsCMC Separation Package Letters from the Commandant 26,00003/23/201803/12/2018ViewView
404351 Agency Publishing Services12/28/2017Forms(OC-290) Editorial Review Forms 1,00003/30/201803/09/2018ViewView
404352 R-1Agency Publishing Services12/26/2017EnvelopesDirect Distribution Envelopes, Tyvek Envelope (10 x 13 x 2") 2,50001/10/201812/26/2017ViewView
404353 R-1Agency Publishing Services12/26/2017FormsAF542 Subsistence Stock Record 50001/31/201812/27/2017ViewView
404355 Agency Publishing Services01/11/2018Pamphlets(942A) Data Breaches - What to Know, What to Do 802,01602/08/201801/18/2018ViewView
404356 Agency Publishing Services01/10/2018File Folders JacketsPhoto Display Folders 8,00004/09/201803/23/2018ViewView
404358 R-3Agency Publishing Services01/03/2018PamphletsInstructions for Form 9465, Installment Agreement Request 3,521,01501/29/201801/11/2018ViewView
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