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The following list contains abstracts of the quotations submitted and copies of the specifications on small purchases that have been awarded. This list contains only jobs that have been awarded in the past 3 months that were advertised through Quick Quote. For older jobs, click on Awarded Jobs History.

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Jacket Number Rev. Office Name Bid Close Date Product Type Title Total Ship Delivery Date Date Awarded Spec Abstract
022329 Agency Publishing Services11/03/2016Labels/StickersMailing Labels Sen Gary Peters 2,00011/14/201611/03/2016ViewView
022367 Agency Publishing Services11/16/2016FormsFloor Tour Access Passes - 115th Congress with Dist and State 3,52812/09/201611/16/2016ViewView
022368 Agency Publishing Services11/16/2016TagsFloor Tour Access Badges - 115th Congress - No Dist or State 7512/09/201611/18/2016ViewView
022426 Agency Publishing Services12/16/2016Labels/Stickers115th Congress Senate Parking Labels 6,85601/26/201712/19/2016ViewView
022453 Agency Publishing Services12/07/2016CD/DVD ReplicationHouse Journal 113th Congress, 2nd Session 63412/21/201612/07/2016ViewView
022735 Agency Publishing Services12/08/2016Labels/StickersSTAFF BADGE 3,00012/13/201612/08/2016ViewView
022850 R-4Agency Publishing Services12/23/2016Forms115th Congrss Floor Access Passes 81101/18/201712/23/2016ViewView
022851 Agency Publishing Services12/27/2016BooksMiscellaneous services: NOTICE OF INFRACTION CODE/COLLATERAL LIST 2,50001/13/201712/27/2016ViewView
022946 Agency Publishing Services12/16/2016FormsCalendar Slips 80012/20/201612/16/2016ViewView
097036 Agency Publishing Services12/22/2016OtherSectional Signs 2,73001/11/201712/22/2016ViewView
097037 Agency Publishing Services12/27/2016OtherDirectional Signs 2,48401/13/201712/28/2016ViewView
097040 Agency Publishing Services12/22/2016DecalsUSCP Motorcycle Winshield Decals 30001/06/201712/22/2016ViewView
097041 Agency Publishing Services11/29/2016OtherInaugural Luncheon Gift Bags 40001/04/201711/29/2016ViewView
097055 Agency Publishing Services12/20/2016OtherInaugural Lanyards 15,80501/03/201712/20/2016ViewView
097057 Agency Publishing Services12/30/2016Labels/StickersDirectional Sign Arrow Labels 57001/13/201712/30/2016ViewView
097060 R-1Agency Publishing Services01/09/2017OtherLanyards 15,75001/11/201701/09/2017ViewView
394820 Agency Publishing Services10/28/2016BooksUS District Court for DC Local Rules 1,00011/15/201610/28/2016ViewView
395394 R-3Agency Publishing Services12/27/2016OtherSHARP Horizontal Banners 11,10003/06/201701/05/2017ViewView
395402 Agency Publishing Services12/27/2016OtherTMM 49 eBook_Call Sign - Dustoff: A History of US Army Aeromedical Evacuation Fr201/09/201712/27/2016ViewView
395495 R-1Agency Publishing Services11/02/2016OtherDigitalization of Historian and Legal Files 111/25/201611/04/2016ViewView
395515 Agency Publishing Services11/14/2016BooksPeaceful Coexistence Briefing Report 1,01612/09/201611/14/2016ViewView
395596 Agency Publishing Services11/03/2016PamphletsTSA Language Access Braille Booklet 60012/21/201611/03/2016ViewView
395782 Agency Publishing Services10/21/2016FormsDA FORM 3443, Terminal Digit-X-Ray Film Preserver 3,00011/10/201610/21/2016ViewView
395796 R-1Agency Publishing Services11/30/2016FormsDefense Security Service Trifold: CI Integration 8,87512/28/201612/05/2016ViewView
395821 Agency Publishing Services11/01/2016PostersVarious National Guard Items (36 Different Banners and Posters) 31411/18/201611/01/2016ViewView
395822 Agency Publishing Services11/07/2016PostersVarious National Guard Items (25 Different Banner and Poster Items) 4012/02/201611/08/2016ViewView
395833 Agency Publishing Services10/26/2016OtherVarious National Guard Items (4 Different Banners + Posters 4111/10/201610/26/2016ViewView
395860 Agency Publishing Services11/16/2016OtherVarious National Guard Items (Posters, Banners, Large & Mini Retractables, Inser2,78212/01/201611/17/2016ViewView
395861 Agency Publishing Services11/10/2016PamphletsVarious Natonal Guard Items (29 different brochure/insert type items) 56,80011/28/201611/10/2016ViewView
395876 Agency Publishing Services11/18/2016FormsOCR Pocket Folder 1,50511/30/201611/18/2016ViewView
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