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Jacket Number Rev. Office Name Bid Close Date Product Type Title Total Ship Delivery Date Date Awarded Spec Abstract
030459 R-1Agency Publishing Services06/28/2018EnvelopesBrown Kraft / Property Evidence Envelopes 3,00007/26/201806/28/2018ViewView
030460 Agency Publishing Services06/29/2018EnvelopesCP-254A ID Card Envelope 1,00007/11/201806/29/2018ViewView
030803 Agency Publishing Services07/25/2018FormsCourt Attendance Records (Form-554) 1,50008/03/201807/25/2018ViewView
031177 Agency Publishing Services08/23/2018FormsBadges: CONGRSSIONAL STAFF (Name issue date) 11,00008/31/201808/23/2018ViewView
031252 Agency Publishing Services09/19/2018CopyingCD-Rom & Jewel Box for House Journal 114th Congress 2nd Session-2016 50410/03/201809/19/2018ViewView
031396 Agency Publishing Services09/14/2018TagsUSCP Property Tag with String 6,00009/21/201809/14/2018ViewView
400953 R-1Agency Publishing Services08/22/2018Other8(A) Document Scanning 1,000,00010/26/201809/07/2018ViewView
404157 R-1Agency Publishing Services07/16/2018PamphletsOperation Torch Amphibious Assault on French Morocco 80908/03/201807/16/2018ViewView
404509 R-1Agency Publishing Services07/30/2018EngravingGold Nameplates with engraving 82709/17/201808/30/2018ViewView
404720 R-2Agency Publishing Services06/20/2018Promotional ItemsExpedition Lapel Pins Sets (NASA) 6008/22/201806/27/2018ViewView
404925 R-1Agency Publishing Services07/26/2018OtherTMM 111:Promoting Successful Reintegration 308/06/201807/26/2018ViewView
404942 Agency Publishing Services07/06/2018Addressing MailingBook Binding of CFR Title 21, 1300 to End, 2018 1,00008/10/201807/16/2018ViewView
404948 R-2Agency Publishing Services07/26/2018BooksForts of Old San Juan: San Juan National Historic Site, Puerto Rico 2,00508/16/201807/26/2018ViewView
404996 R-2Agency Publishing Services07/06/2018Addressing MailingOFCCP Infographics and Fact Sheets 6,00008/28/201808/06/2018ViewView
405054 Agency Publishing Services07/25/2018OtherTMM 20: Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare (ebook) 308/06/201807/25/2018ViewView
405081 Agency Publishing Services06/12/2018EnvelopesFMD Correspondence Envelope 8,00007/17/201806/26/2018ViewView
405082 Agency Publishing Services06/12/2018FormsIn Case of Accident 2,50007/12/201806/22/2018ViewView
405086 Agency Publishing Services06/13/2018PamphletsYouth Handgun Safety Act Notice (YHSA) 3,000,00307/23/201807/03/2018ViewView
405088 Agency Publishing Services08/24/2018MapsNAVMC 1008-A, USMC MOS Chart--May 2018 26509/18/201808/27/2018ViewView
405105 R-1Agency Publishing Services07/03/2018OtherArmy Officer T-Shirts (A) 1,00008/09/201807/16/2018ViewView
405117 R-1Agency Publishing Services06/25/2018Other05-10822 Green Biodegradeable Bags 101,10008/30/201807/17/2018ViewView
405119 R-2Agency Publishing Services06/22/2018FormsEDI- 11 x 8.5 Blank Certificate w/Star 8,00007/10/201806/22/2018ViewView
405121 Agency Publishing Services06/25/2018FormsForm 9060-5 (6/29/18) Meat & Poultry Export Certificate of Wholesomeness 200,00007/09/201806/25/2018ViewView
405123 R-5Agency Publishing Services07/18/2018Other6 Regional Floor Plan Maps (NJ, NY, NYC, PR, USVI, USA) 608/10/201807/18/2018ViewView
405129 Agency Publishing Services06/22/2018PamphletsCIR 11; Co-op Essentials 2,50007/13/201806/22/2018ViewView
405130 Agency Publishing Services06/26/2018BooksMisc Pub 1614; National Wildlife Research Center Highlights Report 1,04107/10/201806/26/2018ViewView
405131 Agency Publishing Services07/02/2018BooksLinks to the Past: A Historic Resource Study of National Park Service Golf Cours63607/20/201807/02/2018ViewView
405134 Agency Publishing Services06/25/2018FormsReceipt for Property 30,00007/25/201806/27/2018ViewView
405135 Agency Publishing Services07/16/2018EnvelopesDayton Federal Records Center Window Envelope 2,00008/06/201807/16/2018ViewView
405139 Agency Publishing Services06/21/2018OtherABMC Seal Sculpted Brass Embossing/Counter Stamp 107/26/201806/25/2018ViewView
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