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The following list contains abstracts of the quotations submitted and copies of the specifications on small purchases that have been awarded. This list contains only jobs that have been awarded in the past 3 months that were advertised through Quick Quote. For older jobs, click on Awarded Jobs History.

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Jacket Number Rev. Office Name Bid Close Date Product Type Title Total Ship Delivery Date Date Awarded Spec Abstract
030459 R-1Agency Publishing Services06/28/2018EnvelopesBrown Kraft / Property Evidence Envelopes 3,00007/26/201806/28/2018ViewView
030460 Agency Publishing Services06/29/2018EnvelopesCP-254A ID Card Envelope 1,00007/11/201806/29/2018ViewView
030803 Agency Publishing Services07/25/2018FormsCourt Attendance Records (Form-554) 1,50008/03/201807/25/2018ViewView
399635 R-2Agency Publishing Services06/12/2018Other3 Preprinted Books 20007/13/201806/12/2018ViewView
404157 R-1Agency Publishing Services07/16/2018PamphletsOperation Torch Amphibious Assault on French Morocco 80908/03/201807/16/2018ViewView
404301 R-3Agency Publishing Services06/19/2018EnvelopesEnvelopes, Blank White Invites (CMC), 6-1/4 x 4-5/8" 10,00007/16/201806/20/2018ViewView
404720 R-2Agency Publishing Services06/20/2018Promotional ItemsExpedition Lapel Pins Sets (NASA) 6008/22/201806/27/2018ViewView
404729 Agency Publishing Services06/07/2018Other2018-2019 IMPACT Guidebooks, LIFT Guidebooks Design 3706/22/201806/12/2018ViewView
404752 Agency Publishing Services05/22/2018BooksCoastal Construction Manual 2,05006/19/201805/23/2018ViewView
404765 Agency Publishing Services06/18/2018Web Services/DevelopmentTMM 110: US PA Handbook: MOBI, ePub, and Academic PDF Formats ebook 207/06/201806/18/2018ViewView
404842 Agency Publishing Services06/05/2018OtherFar East District History Book (copy editing services) 107/09/201806/06/2018ViewView
404925 R-1Agency Publishing Services07/26/2018OtherTMM 111:Promoting Successful Reintegration 308/06/201807/26/2018ViewView
404932 Agency Publishing Services05/21/2018FormsPoster Active Shooter Events: Response Considerations 60,00006/12/201805/22/2018ViewView
404942 Agency Publishing Services07/06/2018Addressing MailingBook Binding of CFR Title 21, 1300 to End, 2018 1,00008/10/201807/16/2018ViewView
404948 R-2Agency Publishing Services07/26/2018BooksForts of Old San Juan: San Juan National Historic Site, Puerto Rico 2,00508/16/201807/26/2018ViewView
404954 Agency Publishing Services05/11/2018File Folders JacketsUSA-33 Criminal Complaint Folder 45,00006/15/201805/22/2018ViewView
404966 R-1Agency Publishing Services05/17/2018Kit FoldersABMC Press Folders (Metric) VA address 35006/28/201805/25/2018ViewView
404974 Agency Publishing Services05/24/2018FormsOverpayment Worksheet 1206/08/201805/24/2018ViewView
404987 Agency Publishing Services05/23/2018Labels/StickersWS 86-W (Aug 2017); S3 Warning Sign - Poison Danger crack and peel label 8,00006/15/201805/23/2018ViewView
404995 R-3Agency Publishing Services06/04/2018CD/DVD ReplicationWho I Am PSA Discussion Guide & DVD 5,00006/14/201806/04/2018ViewView
404996 R-2Agency Publishing Services07/06/2018Addressing MailingOFCCP Infographics and Fact Sheets 6,00008/28/201808/06/2018ViewView
404999 Agency Publishing Services05/23/2018File Folders JacketsFolders for OMCC 1,00006/22/201805/23/2018ViewView
405000 R-2Agency Publishing Services05/29/2018FormsEGA Place Cards 1,50006/19/201805/29/2018ViewView
405002 Agency Publishing Services05/25/2018PamphletsVictim/Witness Assistance Brochure English and Spanish 12,00006/20/201805/29/2018ViewView
405003 Agency Publishing Services05/25/2018BooksWeapons of Mass Destruction Offenses & Statues 1,60006/29/201805/25/2018ViewView
405005 Agency Publishing Services05/23/2018EnvelopesDeath Claim Return Envelopes 150,00506/12/201805/23/2018ViewView
405008 Agency Publishing Services05/24/2018Addressing MailingOSP-USSS Strategic Plan 1,25006/25/201806/04/2018ViewView
405017 R-1Agency Publishing Services06/05/2018SignsReplenish DRC Sign 2,25006/29/201806/06/2018ViewView
405018 Agency Publishing Services05/21/2018FormsMOS Services Card 150,00006/19/201805/23/2018ViewView
405021 R-2Agency Publishing Services05/25/2018Envelopes#9 Remittance Envelope w/window & Security Tint 800,00006/25/201805/25/2018ViewView
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