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Doing Business with GPO Customer Services During Coronavirus Pandemic (March 19, 2020)

During this time, GPO Customer Services will be conducting business as usual. Please continue to check the Contract Opportunities and Online Small Purchase Opportunities for solicitations. Contractors should be careful to submit bids to the exact location specified in the solicitation.

Contractors should continue performance on contracts. Contractors must continue to fully comply with the terms and conditions of these contracts. Deliveries, proof approvals, and press sheet inspections for agencies may be impacted. It is recommended that contractors contact a Government employee at the delivery location to confirm their availability to receive prior to shipping.

Schedules and other adjustments will be made in accordance with GPO Contract Terms. Caution should be used to safeguard all products should any delivery delays be imposed by the Government.

As a reminder, contractors must furnish contract compliance information required in accordance with GPO Contract Terms, Contract Clause 12: Notice of Compliance With Schedules.

Contractors should immediately contact your GPO contract administrator(s) and/or contracting officer(s) to identify impacted orders if any delay is anticipated, including temporarily closure of a production facility or the planned suspension of any services.

If you have any questions on a particular contract, please contact the Customer Services contract administrator and/or contracting officer for your contract (best method of communicating with them is via email).  Office team e-mail addresses can be found at https://www.gpo.gov/how-to-work-with-us/agency/services-for-agencies/procurement-services-team.

Government Paper Specification Standards (February 2020)
The Government Paper Specification Standards have been updated. Prospective suppliers should carefully read this publication as the new paper specification standards will be included in future solicitations for printing and related services. Contractors will be responsible for following the version of the Government Paper Specification Standards that are specified in each contract. Both versions of the specifications can be found on GPO.gov at https://www.gpo.gov/how-to-work-with-us/vendors/forms-and-standards along with a list of major revisions. Government Paper Specification Standards for awards made prior to the release of this version will remain in effect until the contract expires, except for changes made by statute.