What's New

Contractor Connection Security Enhancements (October 2018)
Security enhancements have been deployed to the Contractor Connection web site. Due to these changes, the URL structure of the web site has changed. Additionally, changes to password complexity, password update frequency, and account locking due to invalid attempts are now operational. Additional details regarding password and account requirements can be found at: https://contractorconnection.gpo.gov/Help#pass

High Resolution Proof Update (June 2018)
Beginning 6/18/2018, GPO will be allowing high-resolution inkjet proofs as a proofing option in lieu digital one-piece laminated halftone proofs. In order to exercise this option, all vendors must be approved for high-resolution inkjet proofs by submitting samples to GPO. Instructions for submitting samples can be found at: Quality Level Sample Submission Procedures

Revised GPO Contract Terms (January 2018)
GPO has issued a new GPO Publication 310.2, GPO Contract Terms - Solicitation Provisions, Supplemental Specifications, and Contract Clauses (Rev 1-18). Prospective bidders should carefully read this publication as the applicable terms within become an integral part of printing and related services contracts with the U.S. Government Publishing Office. The document is posted at https://www.gpo.gov/how-to-work-with-us/vendors/forms-and-standards along with a list of major revisions. Contract terms for awards made prior to the release of this version will remain in effect until the contract expires, except for changes made by statute.