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The following list contains abstracts of the quotations submitted and copies of the specifications on small purchases that have been awarded. This list contains only jobs that have been awarded in the past 3 months that were advertised through Quick Quote. For older jobs, click on Awarded Jobs History.

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Jacket Number Rev. Office Name Bid Close Date Product Type Title Total Ship Delivery Date Date Awarded Spec Abstract
040014 Agency Publishing Services09/11/2020Promotional Items2021 Inauguration Lanyards 15,80010/09/202009/14/2020ViewView
041419 Agency Publishing Services10/28/2020FormsHouse Floor Tour Access Passes 3,57812/14/202010/28/2020ViewView
041887 R-1Agency Publishing Services11/09/2020FormsCard: Memeber Emergency Information 1,00011/13/202011/09/2020ViewView
041898 Agency Publishing Services10/16/2020Labels/StickersPeel-Off Laser Labels GA-14 50410/21/202010/16/2020ViewView
042138 Agency Publishing Services11/30/2020Forms2 Part Form: Official Travel Authorization 10012/04/202012/01/2020ViewView
409883 Agency Publishing Services09/14/2020EmbossingDD1MC Officer Promotion Certificates 7,00010/17/202009/14/2020ViewView
412078 R-1Agency Publishing Services09/02/2020PostersPoster 11 x 17" and Light Switch Cover Sticker 20009/24/202009/03/2020ViewView
413031 Agency Publishing Services08/06/2020FormsCERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION 30,00010/02/202009/03/2020ViewView
413040 R-1Agency Publishing Services10/19/2020Labels/StickersLabels with Address 80010/28/202010/19/2020ViewView
413059 R-1Agency Publishing Services10/20/2020File Folders JacketsOBD 155 File Fronts and Backs (Separate Pieces) 112/18/202010/20/2020ViewView
413091 R-2Agency Publishing Services10/13/2020PamphletsVOA 2021 Promotional Booklet 24,31611/09/202010/14/2020ViewView
413103 Agency Publishing Services08/12/2020BooksConsumer Handbook on Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARM) 5,01610/14/202009/15/2020ViewView
413104 R-1Agency Publishing Services09/14/2020Promotional ItemsNYARNG Imprinted Gym Shorts 7,47010/30/202009/23/2020ViewView
413127 R-4Agency Publishing Services09/25/2020EnvelopesDiplomatic Pouch Packing Slip Envelope 100,00001/08/202109/28/2020ViewView
413128 Agency Publishing Services10/02/2020PamphletsSummary of Coverage - Trifold 800,00010/22/202010/06/2020ViewView
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