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The following list contains abstracts of the quotations submitted and copies of the specifications on small purchases that have been awarded. This list contains only jobs that have been awarded in the past 3 months that were advertised through Quick Quote. For older jobs, click on Awarded Jobs History.

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Jacket Number Rev. Office Name Bid Close Date Product Type Title Total Ship Delivery Date Date Awarded Spec Abstract
042570 Agency Publishing Services01/20/2021SnapoutsCalendar Slip with Numbering 1,00001/27/202101/21/2021ViewView
042946 Agency Publishing Services02/10/2021OtherSelf-Inking Stamp - Chaplain (Kibben) 202/16/202102/10/2021ViewView
043015 Agency Publishing Services02/08/2021Labels/StickersActing Sergeant at Arms Label - Blodgett 50402/11/202102/08/2021ViewView
043127 Agency Publishing Services02/11/2021Labels/StickersLabel - Cheryl L Johnson (LA-02) 50402/17/202102/11/2021ViewView
043612 Agency Publishing Services03/10/2021FormsCP-565 Clothing Alteration Request Form 2,00003/17/202103/10/2021ViewView
043687 Agency Publishing Services04/13/2021FormsEnrolled Bills and Resolutions Pads 604/30/202104/13/2021ViewView
043793 Agency Publishing Services04/05/2021Forms117th Congress Floor Passes-Gibson Frank 81104/12/202104/06/2021ViewView
043833 Agency Publishing Services03/30/2021Labels/StickersLabel - Cheryl L Johnson (TX06) 50404/05/202103/30/2021ViewView
043969 Agency Publishing Services04/06/2021Labels/StickersLabels - Cheryl L Johnson (NM-01) 50404/09/202104/06/2021ViewView
413058 R-1Agency Publishing Services02/09/2021Addressing MailingPP&O Exhibit (Military Working Dog) 105/01/202102/18/2021ViewView
413301 Agency Publishing Services03/03/2021Addressing Mailing3 Star Invitation Cardstock 5,00003/26/202103/05/2021ViewView
413302 Agency Publishing Services03/03/2021PamphletsCMC Stationary 7 X 8 1/2 w/watermark 7,00003/31/202103/04/2021ViewView
413303 Agency Publishing Services03/04/2021ThermographyCMC Invitation Cardstock 2,50003/31/202103/05/2021ViewView
413307 Agency Publishing Services03/05/2021BooksMCTP 3-01C Machine Guns and Machine Gun Gunnery 11803/31/202103/05/2021ViewView
413354 Agency Publishing Services02/02/2021Addressing MailingFP SHARP SEN LG PSTR (GPO) 20,00004/08/202103/16/2021ViewView
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