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The following list contains abstracts of the quotations submitted and copies of the specifications on small purchases that have been awarded. This list contains only jobs that have been awarded in the past 3 months that were advertised through Quick Quote. For older jobs, click on Awarded Jobs History.

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Jacket Number Rev. Office Name Bid Close Date Product Type Title Total Ship Delivery Date Date Awarded Spec Abstract
030438 R-5Agency Publishing Services10/11/2018FormsTickets: House Special Event Gallery Passes 9,00011/05/201810/11/2018ViewView
031177 Agency Publishing Services08/23/2018FormsBadges: CONGRSSIONAL STAFF (Name issue date) 11,00008/31/201808/23/2018ViewView
031252 Agency Publishing Services09/19/2018CopyingCD-Rom & Jewel Box for House Journal 114th Congress 2nd Session-2016 50410/03/201809/19/2018ViewView
031396 Agency Publishing Services09/14/2018TagsUSCP Property Tag with String 6,00009/21/201809/14/2018ViewView
031464 Agency Publishing Services09/19/2018Labels/StickersWhite Franked Laser Peel-Off Labels (FL-06) 1,00009/26/201809/20/2018ViewView
032253 R-2Agency Publishing Services10/17/2018OtherRubber Stamps w/wood base handle 4510/30/201810/17/2018ViewView
032326 R-2Agency Publishing Services10/19/2018EnvelopesGreen Internal Priority Mail Only Envelopes 2,00011/16/201810/23/2018ViewView
032589 Agency Publishing Services11/02/2018Addressing MailingNCR Pads: 2 Part Photo Print Order 1,00011/12/201811/02/2018ViewView
032590 Agency Publishing Services11/01/2018MatchbooksPhotography Order Forms/Books 10011/13/201811/01/2018ViewView
400546 Agency Publishing Services11/06/2018BooksA Grave Misfortune:The USS Indianapolis Tragedy, "Printing and Distribution" 88211/28/201811/09/2018ViewView
400953 R-1Agency Publishing Services08/22/2018Other8(A) Document Scanning 1,000,00010/26/201809/07/2018ViewView
404509 R-1Agency Publishing Services07/30/2018EngravingGold Nameplates with engraving 82709/17/201808/30/2018ViewView
404837 Agency Publishing Services10/24/2018BooksThe Mayaguez Crisis: Mission Command and Civil - Military Relations 1,01111/21/201810/25/2018ViewView
405088 Agency Publishing Services08/24/2018MapsNAVMC 1008-A, USMC MOS Chart--May 2018 26509/18/201808/27/2018ViewView
405186 Agency Publishing Services09/07/2018PamphletsThe Declaration of Independence & Constitution - B&W 2,00010/05/201809/07/2018ViewView
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