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Jacket Number Rev. Office Name Quote Due Date (ET) Date Posted Product Type Title Total Quantity Ship Delivery Date Enter Quote
428946 Agency Publishing Services7/15/2024 10:00 AM07/11/2024File Folders JacketsRetirement Record File Backs w/2K Style Fastener 160,41209/12/2024Enter Quote
428950 Agency Publishing Services7/15/2024 10:00 AM07/11/2024FormsUSCG CERTIFICATE OF DOCUMENTATION (COD) - FORM CG-1270 (REV. 06-04) 250,00009/04/2024Enter Quote
428952 Agency Publishing Services7/15/2024 10:00 AM07/09/2024EnvelopesCJIS 9.5x12 special window white wove 500,00508/14/2024Enter Quote
428962 Agency Publishing Services7/15/2024 10:00 AM07/11/2024BooksMCDP 1-3, Tactics 39009/02/2024Enter Quote
428963 Agency Publishing Services7/15/2024 11:00 AM07/11/2024BooksMCWP 5-10, Marine Corps Planning Process 37008/30/2024Enter Quote
518998 R-1MidAtlantic Region7/15/2024 11:00 AM07/11/2024BooksJames A Garfield National Historic Site Flipbooks 308/01/2024Enter Quote
519097 MidAtlantic Region7/15/2024 11:00 AM07/12/2024FormseVIUS Survey Mailings 500,00008/19/2024Enter Quote
519124 MidAtlantic Region7/15/2024 11:00 AM07/12/2024BooksDamage Control WQS Performance Sign-Off Guide 5007/26/2024Enter Quote
519127 MidAtlantic Region7/15/2024 11:00 AM07/12/2024SignsERO-Omaha Vehicle Business Placard 507/27/2024Enter Quote
519128 MidAtlantic Region7/15/2024 11:00 AM07/12/2024Forms CCHT Continued Presence Placemats 1,00007/23/2024Enter Quote
524277 Southeast Region7/15/2024 11:00 AM07/12/2024Envelopes6 x 9.5" White Windows Envelopes with Security Tint 108/05/2024Enter Quote
535246 R-2Northcentral Region7/15/2024 11:00 AM07/12/2024OtherAERIAL SCANNING 109/18/2024Enter Quote
535297 Northcentral Region7/15/2024 11:00 AM07/12/2024FormsAsian Longhorned Beetle Pest Alert [R9-PR-011-23] 30,01208/12/2024Enter Quote
535303 Northcentral Region7/15/2024 11:00 AM07/12/2024FormsASVAB Summary Results (DD Form 1304-5 JUL 05) 2,000,00208/30/2024Enter Quote
541198 R-1Northeast Region7/15/2024 11:00 AM07/12/2024FormsLong Island NWR General Brochure 15,00008/02/2024Enter Quote
541224 Northeast Region7/15/2024 11:00 AM07/11/2024OtherSNCO PROMOTION WARRANTS 87,50008/30/2024Enter Quote
547544 Southcentral Region7/15/2024 11:00 AM07/10/2024PamphletsTRICARE Retiring From National Guard or Reserve Brochure 175,25008/15/2024Enter Quote
547549 Southcentral Region7/15/2024 11:00 AM07/12/2024EnvelopesCampground Fee Envelopes 107/30/2024Enter Quote
547555 Southcentral Region7/15/2024 11:00 AM07/12/2024OtherFLIGHT PROGRESS STRIPS - TERMINAL - CONTINUOUS 3,000,00008/01/2024Enter Quote
547564 Southcentral Region7/15/2024 11:00 AM07/12/2024EnvelopesENVELOPE,WINDOW, BUSINESS #10 Ernest Childers VA 100,00007/29/2024Enter Quote
519089 MidAtlantic Region7/15/2024 12:00 PM07/11/2024FormsCLICk2GO Tear Pad 36,75008/30/2024Enter Quote
571713 Southwest Region7/15/2024 12:00 PM07/12/2024PamphletsPSAR BOOKLET 3007/31/2024Enter Quote
571725 Southwest Region7/15/2024 12:00 PM07/12/2024Promotional ItemsDIABETES AWARENESS ACTIVITIES PROMOTIONAL ITEMS 4,50008/12/2024Enter Quote
571775 Southwest Region7/15/2024 12:00 PM07/12/2024Labels/StickersR4 LEI ORANGE WARNING STICKERS 2024 50007/31/2024Enter Quote
577866 Northwest Region7/15/2024 12:00 PM07/12/2024OtherVTS Vehicle Wrap - Phoenix AZ 308/30/2024Enter Quote
428944 Agency Publishing Services7/15/2024 1:00 PM07/12/2024PamphletsOld Camp Historic Park Concept Plan 10208/02/2024Enter Quote
577856 Northwest Region7/15/2024 1:00 PM07/12/2024DecalsUSCG D13 Garbage Vinyl Decal 4,20008/16/2024Enter Quote
428949 R-2Agency Publishing Services7/15/2024 2:00 PM07/12/2024PamphletsNotecards and Certificates 1,95008/29/2024Enter Quote
519126 MidAtlantic Region7/15/2024 2:00 PM07/12/2024Labels/StickersHPE Graduation Certificate Decals 10008/07/2024Enter Quote
571798 Southwest Region7/15/2024 2:00 PM07/12/2024PamphletsJUNIOR RANGER ACTIVITY BOOKLET - CAPITOL REEF NATIONAL PARK 25,00008/15/2024Enter Quote
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