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The following list contains abstracts of the quotations submitted and copies of the specifications on small purchases that have been awarded. This list contains only jobs that have been awarded in the past 3 months that were advertised through Quick Quote. For older jobs, click on Awarded Jobs History.

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Jacket Number Rev. Office Name Bid Close Date Product Type Title Total Ship Delivery Date Date Awarded Spec Abstract
043597 R-2Agency Publishing Services08/03/2021EnvelopesCP-102-B U.S.C.P. Evidence Envelope 1,00011/05/202109/10/2021ViewView
043598 R-3Agency Publishing Services08/25/2021EnvelopesCP-102-C U.S.C.P. Evidence Envelope 1,00011/05/202109/10/2021ViewView
045577 Agency Publishing Services10/08/2021Labels/StickersAttending Physician - RX Labels (Marginally Punched Cont. Forms) 8,00010/18/202110/12/2021ViewView
417507 R-1Agency Publishing Services09/17/2021BooksSafe Rooms For Tornadoes and Hurricanes 2,54110/22/202109/20/2021ViewView
417561 Agency Publishing Services11/02/2021EngravingThank you cards and envelopes 1,00011/17/202111/02/2021ViewView
417588 R-2Agency Publishing Services09/28/2021Addressing MailingFOR PRINTING BALLOTS FOR THE NATIONAL MEDIATION BOARD 10,00010/20/202109/29/2021ViewView
417609 Agency Publishing Services09/07/2021File Folders JacketsSecurity Dossier - Brown 50009/24/202109/10/2021ViewView
417628 Agency Publishing Services09/20/2021OtherWireless Fast Charging 5,00010/20/202109/23/2021ViewView
417646 R-1Agency Publishing Services09/14/2021PamphletsDCPS Parent Curriculum Guides 109/27/202109/15/2021ViewView
417649 Agency Publishing Services09/10/2021Envelopes#10 Double Window Envelope w/Security Tint 1,500,00010/08/202109/14/2021ViewView
417656 Agency Publishing Services08/16/2021Labels/Stickers7355-2A/2B; Laboratory Sample Seal Packets (FSIS 7355-2A/2B, 10/01/2021) 300,00012/30/202109/07/2021ViewView
417659 Agency Publishing Services09/10/2021FormsFS-1177; Research & Development at a Glance Flyer 20009/30/202109/16/2021ViewView
417671 Agency Publishing Services09/17/2021Envelopes"Exclusive For" Envelope 1,00010/08/202109/17/2021ViewView
417682 Agency Publishing Services09/10/2021PamphletsFS-1124a; This Is Who We Are Pocket Booklet-English, March 2019 10,00010/04/202109/16/2021ViewView
417699 R-1Agency Publishing Services09/23/2021OtherExport Compliance Guidelines 110/14/202109/28/2021ViewView
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