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Jacket Number Rev. Office Name Bid Close Date Product Type Title Total Ship Delivery Date Date Awarded Spec Abstract
029845 R-1Agency Publishing Services05/17/2018OtherMisc. Services - Senate Chamber Map - Design Services 107/31/201805/18/2018ViewView
029890 Agency Publishing Services05/02/2018Labels/StickersSenate Garage Parking Stickers 2,15605/11/201805/02/2018ViewView
029996 Agency Publishing Services05/15/2018FormsCalendar Slip Without Numbering 1,00005/21/201805/15/2018ViewView
030459 R-1Agency Publishing Services06/28/2018EnvelopesBrown Kraft / Property Evidence Envelopes 3,00007/26/201806/28/2018ViewView
030460 Agency Publishing Services06/29/2018EnvelopesCP-254A ID Card Envelope 1,00007/11/201806/29/2018ViewView
399635 R-2Agency Publishing Services06/12/2018Other3 Preprinted Books 20007/13/201806/12/2018ViewView
404157 R-1Agency Publishing Services07/16/2018PamphletsOperation Torch Amphibious Assault on French Morocco 80908/03/201807/16/2018ViewView
404294 Agency Publishing Services04/20/2018Forms3 Star Letterhead (8-1/2 x 11") 5,00005/16/201804/20/2018ViewView
404295 Agency Publishing Services04/24/2018Forms1 Star Letterhead (8-1/2 x 11") 5,00005/14/201804/24/2018ViewView
404296 R-2Agency Publishing Services04/27/2018Tabulating Cards1 Star Blank CardStock 105/11/201804/27/2018ViewView
404299 R-2Agency Publishing Services04/30/2018OtherCMC Blank Invitation Cardstock 5,00005/14/201804/30/2018ViewView
404300 Agency Publishing Services04/30/2018Other3 Star Blank Invitation Cardstock 105/16/201805/01/2018ViewView
404301 R-3Agency Publishing Services06/19/2018EnvelopesEnvelopes, Blank White Invites (CMC), 6-1/4 x 4-5/8" 10,00007/16/201806/20/2018ViewView
404304 Agency Publishing Services04/27/2018Forms2 Star Blank Invitation Cardstock 10,00005/14/201804/30/2018ViewView
404508 Agency Publishing Services05/08/2018PamphletsDC Public Schools 2018-2019 Calendar English & Spanish 62,00005/29/201805/08/2018ViewView
404615 Agency Publishing Services03/07/2018EnvelopesWASO - Self Adhesive White Envelopes 5,00005/04/201804/23/2018ViewView
404632 Agency Publishing Services04/04/2018Labels/StickersSC-368; Positive Lot Identification (PLI) tape 72005/14/201804/20/2018ViewView
404720 R-2Agency Publishing Services06/20/2018Promotional ItemsExpedition Lapel Pins Sets (NASA) 6008/22/201806/27/2018ViewView
404729 Agency Publishing Services06/07/2018Other2018-2019 IMPACT Guidebooks, LIFT Guidebooks Design 3706/22/201806/12/2018ViewView
404738 Agency Publishing Services04/27/2018BooksMarine Corps History Vol. 3 No.2 Winter 2017 4,84205/21/201804/30/2018ViewView
404752 Agency Publishing Services05/22/2018BooksCoastal Construction Manual 2,05006/19/201805/23/2018ViewView
404765 Agency Publishing Services06/18/2018Web Services/DevelopmentTMM 110: US PA Handbook: MOBI, ePub, and Academic PDF Formats ebook 207/06/201806/18/2018ViewView
404790 Agency Publishing Services04/16/2018FormsGpo Parking Facilites- Cash Receipt Item 1 4005/18/201804/27/2018ViewView
404825 Agency Publishing Services04/17/2018BooksManual of Patent Examining Procedure 26605/11/201804/30/2018ViewView
404828 R-1Agency Publishing Services04/23/2018BooksChild Abduction Response Plan (CARP) III 2014 105/31/201804/23/2018ViewView
404829 Agency Publishing Services05/04/2018BooksRTC - FLETC Conditioning Program Booklet 30005/17/201805/07/2018ViewView
404833 Agency Publishing Services04/13/2018FormsSecurity Information Report 1505/17/201804/20/2018ViewView
404836 Agency Publishing Services04/26/2018BooksCMH Pub 23-24 American Armies and Battlefields in Europe 77506/19/201804/26/2018ViewView
404840 R-1Agency Publishing Services05/01/2018OtherRapid Visual Screening of Buildings 5,30105/22/201805/02/2018ViewView
404842 Agency Publishing Services06/05/2018OtherFar East District History Book (copy editing services) 107/09/201806/06/2018ViewView
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