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The following list contains abstracts of the quotations submitted and copies of the specifications on small purchases that have been awarded. This list contains only jobs that have been awarded in the past 3 months that were advertised through Quick Quote. For older jobs, click on Awarded Jobs History.

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Jacket Number Rev. Office Name Bid Close Date Product Type Title Total Ship Delivery Date Date Awarded Spec Abstract
029431 Agency Publishing Services04/04/2018Labels/StickersWhite Franked Laser Peel-Off Labels (NY-25) 1,00004/10/201804/04/2018ViewView
029449 Agency Publishing Services04/04/2018Labels/StickersMiscellaneous Services: Return To Senate Labels 2,00004/10/201804/04/2018ViewView
029534 Agency Publishing Services04/10/2018EnvelopesEnvelopes: Inside Mail/Official Use Only 40,00004/30/201804/10/2018ViewView
029845 R-1Agency Publishing Services05/17/2018OtherMisc. Services - Senate Chamber Map - Design Services 107/31/201805/18/2018ViewView
029890 Agency Publishing Services05/02/2018Labels/StickersSenate Garage Parking Stickers 2,15605/11/201805/02/2018ViewView
029996 Agency Publishing Services05/15/2018FormsCalendar Slip Without Numbering 1,00005/21/201805/15/2018ViewView
400487 Agency Publishing Services04/04/2018PamphletsPrinting - 25th Anniversary tribal Preservation Program report 54104/27/201804/04/2018ViewView
400614 Agency Publishing Services04/12/2018BooksPrinting of the Enforcement Fines and Fees Stat Report 1,01605/01/201804/13/2018ViewView
400892 Agency Publishing Services03/23/2018PamphletsExit Counseling Guide for Bor. of Direct Loans and Fed. Fam. Ed. Pro. Loans(rev)400,03104/23/201803/23/2018ViewView
404294 Agency Publishing Services04/20/2018Forms3 Star Letterhead (8-1/2 x 11") 5,00005/16/201804/20/2018ViewView
404295 Agency Publishing Services04/24/2018Forms1 Star Letterhead (8-1/2 x 11") 5,00005/14/201804/24/2018ViewView
404296 R-2Agency Publishing Services04/27/2018Tabulating Cards1 Star Blank CardStock 105/11/201804/27/2018ViewView
404299 R-2Agency Publishing Services04/30/2018OtherCMC Blank Invitation Cardstock 5,00005/14/201804/30/2018ViewView
404300 Agency Publishing Services04/30/2018Other3 Star Blank Invitation Cardstock 105/16/201805/01/2018ViewView
404304 Agency Publishing Services04/27/2018Forms2 Star Blank Invitation Cardstock 10,00005/14/201804/30/2018ViewView
404338 R-5Agency Publishing Services03/13/2018FormsLetterhead 16,00004/04/201803/13/2018ViewView
404342 Agency Publishing Services01/04/2018PamphletsMonograph for the U.S. Courthouse in Cedar Rapids, IA. 1,50004/30/201804/10/2018ViewView
404350 Agency Publishing Services03/12/2018FormsCMC Separation Package Letters from the Commandant 26,00003/23/201803/12/2018ViewView
404351 Agency Publishing Services12/28/2017Forms(OC-290) Editorial Review Forms 1,00003/30/201803/09/2018ViewView
404356 Agency Publishing Services01/10/2018File Folders JacketsPhoto Display Folders 8,00004/09/201803/23/2018ViewView
404390 Agency Publishing Services03/13/2018PamphletsPaw Paw Tunel Brochure 10,01604/03/201803/14/2018ViewView
404439 Agency Publishing Services02/08/2018BooksLIT-Receipt Book 10003/22/201803/05/2018ViewView
404463 R-1Agency Publishing Services03/09/2018FormsFort McHenry Visito Badges - Reprint 9,00003/23/201803/09/2018ViewView
404508 Agency Publishing Services05/08/2018PamphletsDC Public Schools 2018-2019 Calendar English & Spanish 62,00005/29/201805/08/2018ViewView
404531 R-1Agency Publishing Services02/27/2018PamphletsDemographic Differences in Federal Sentencing 2,49103/16/201802/27/2018ViewView
404534 Agency Publishing Services02/26/2018Snapouts5110-1 (4/6/2011); Services Rendered 150,02503/16/201803/01/2018ViewView
404539 R-2Agency Publishing Services02/23/2018PamphletsFBI Ethics Pocket Guide Rev. 8-1-2014 1,00004/19/201803/16/2018ViewView
404547 R-2Agency Publishing Services02/23/2018PamphletsRange Safety Pocket Guide Version 2.4 11,52104/04/201803/05/2018ViewView
404551 Agency Publishing Services03/01/2018FormsWS-19A; M44 Capsule and Antidote kit Disposal record - Item 1. 25003/19/201803/01/2018ViewView
404554 Agency Publishing Services03/02/2018FormsBUILDING AN INCLUSIVE WORKFORCE 2018 5,01603/23/201803/05/2018ViewView
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