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The following list contains abstracts of the quotations submitted and copies of the specifications on small purchases that have been awarded. This list contains only jobs that have been awarded in the past 3 months that were advertised through Quick Quote. For older jobs, click on Awarded Jobs History.

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Jacket Number Rev. Office Name Bid Close Date Product Type Title Total Ship Delivery Date Date Awarded Spec Abstract
027547 Agency Publishing Services11/28/2017EnvelopesInternal Priortity Mail Only Envelope 20,00012/04/201711/29/2017ViewView
027599 R-1Agency Publishing Services11/29/2017Labels/StickersWhite Franked Laser Peel-Off Labels 55212/08/201711/30/2017ViewView
027658 R-1Agency Publishing Services12/07/2017Labels/StickersMagazine Labels 32,00012/20/201712/07/2017ViewView
027821 Agency Publishing Services12/15/2017Labels/StickersWhite Franked Laser Peel-Off Labels (AZ-08) 1,00012/22/201712/15/2017ViewView
027951 Agency Publishing Services12/28/2017Labels/StickersBook Plate Stickers - Senate Library 5,00001/10/201812/28/2017ViewView
400322 R-1Agency Publishing Services12/13/2017FormsCustom DEA Security Paper 100,00012/29/201712/13/2017ViewView
400736 Agency Publishing Services12/08/2017Pamphlets2018 Season Brochure and Rack Card 35,00012/21/201712/08/2017ViewView
400826 Agency Publishing Services12/06/2017OtherAAPI-Indexing 112/22/201712/07/2017ViewView
400851 R-2Agency Publishing Services12/18/2017TagsDanger-Oxygen Tag 133,80002/21/201812/18/2017ViewView
400881 Agency Publishing Services12/22/2017FormsEducation Resources Brochure: 2 Versions - Spanish & English 2,03001/10/201812/26/2017ViewView
400882 Agency Publishing Services12/13/2017FormsOPM Federal Career Service Certificates 10 Yr Bronze 25,00012/28/201712/13/2017ViewView
400945 R-1Agency Publishing Services12/04/2017OtherDistrict of Columbia Seal 112/15/201701/24/2018ViewView
400948 R-1Agency Publishing Services01/04/2018BooksPreparing for the Unimaginable - COPS-P347 2,00002/15/201801/04/2018ViewView
402087 R-1Agency Publishing Services02/01/2018BooksPublication 1132 Catalog # 15999O (2017 rev) 7,76002/20/201802/01/2018ViewView
402344 Agency Publishing Services12/20/2017FormsTFOP Poster Package (2016 rev) 6,47701/10/201812/20/2017ViewView
404052 Agency Publishing Services12/08/2017PostersEarly Stages Bus Shelter Posters - English 1001/08/201812/08/2017ViewView
404136 R-2Agency Publishing Services11/27/2017File Folders JacketsAF10A PERSONNEL INFORMATION FILE, RECORD OF PERFORMANCE OFFICER COMMAND SELECTIO25,00012/27/201711/28/2017ViewView
404194 R-1Agency Publishing Services11/22/2017PlasticsPost Shooting Card 5,00012/22/201711/30/2017ViewView
404195 Agency Publishing Services11/22/2017FormsPre-Printed Certificate Program Shells 2,00012/08/201711/22/2017ViewView
404197 Agency Publishing Services11/29/2017BooksCoastal Construction Manual Vol 1&2 2,05012/15/201711/29/2017ViewView
404203 Agency Publishing Services11/17/2017Kit FoldersMMC Pocket Folder 1,00012/15/201712/08/2017ViewView
404204 Agency Publishing Services11/22/2017PamphletsUS Savings Bond Redemption Value December 2017 to May 2018 1,81612/20/201711/28/2017ViewView
404208 Agency Publishing Services11/16/2017FormsConfiscation Receipt, aperiodic Inspection 512/27/201711/30/2017ViewView
404212 R-1Agency Publishing Services12/01/2017PamphletsConsumner Handbook on Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) Revised 2017 20,00012/22/201712/01/2017ViewView
404213 R-1Agency Publishing Services12/01/2017PamphletsYour Home Loan Toolkit: A Step by Step Guide (Small Version) 50,00012/22/201712/01/2017ViewView
404214 R-1Agency Publishing Services12/01/2017PamphletsSu Conjunto De Herramientas Para Prestamos Hipotecarios (Spanish Ver) Large Vers3,00012/22/201712/01/2017ViewView
404215 Agency Publishing Services11/28/2017PamphletsFNS-665; Staying Healthy, Staying Active Pamphlet 100,01612/15/201711/29/2017ViewView
404219 Agency Publishing Services11/21/2017File Folders JacketsPocket Folder for Length of Service Award 3,00301/09/201811/22/2017ViewView
404221 Agency Publishing Services11/21/2017PostersNWC 6310 Case Study Posters 3612/08/201711/22/2017ViewView
404223 Agency Publishing Services11/27/2017EnvelopesEnvelope for Document and Other Items 75,00012/22/201711/27/2017ViewView
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