What's New

Retirement of Previous Contractor Connection/Quick Quote Site (January 2016)
The Contractor Connection/Quick Quote website Site previously located at https://securessl.access.gpo.gov/cc/ was replaced by the website located at https://contractorconnection.gpo.gov to improve compatibility with current web browsers.

GPO Form 917 – Certificate of Selection of Random Copies and Form 2678 – Departmental Random Copies "Blue Label" (January 2016)
The Government Publishing Office has updated GPO Forms 917 and 2678 and posted fillable PDF versions of both forms for easy vendor access. The forms were updated to reflect GPO’s new name and brand, along with some slight changes in format. Please use these updated versions moving forward, they are available at: https://www.gpo.gov/vendors/sfas.htm.

GPO Form 712 – Certificate of Conformance (July 2015)
The Government Publishing Office will no longer provide GPO Form 712 Certificate of Conformance in the three part carbon paper format to contractors using a Postage and Fees Paid mailing label or indicia.  GPO Contract Terms (Publication 310.2), Supplemental Specification #11, is changed to require contractors to access a digital copy of the form which is revised and available with instructions at http://www.gpo.gov/vendors/sfas.htm